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Has December 7th Been Declared As Holiday In Ghana?

32 days remaining to the general election in Ghana and people are wondering whether is will be declared as holiday by the Ministry of Interior.

The day has not been declared as holiday before but many people also pray it would be declared as holiday.

Advantage of declaring the day as holiday.

Everybody is focused on seeing who wins the election, so if they return to work after casting their votes, they might not focus to much on working but rather be in a haste of coming to listen to the election results.

Disadvantage of declaring the day as holiday.

The only way to keep people out of violence is to keep them busy, if the day is declared as holiday, everybody will be at home and will like to go and stand at polling station, should in case there is a little misunderstandings, everybody would like to get involved.

Declaring the day as holiday has a merits and demerits, the government knows better, it time we wait for the ministry of Interior to make the decision.

Should the day be declared as holiday? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

But till now, it has not been declared as holiday yet.

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