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Bishop Agyinasare Sends A Simple Message To The Ruling Government

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Many men of God have only been silent on the ills of the ruling government. Some have become hypocritic in their silence over issues that they were onces so vociferous about in the past.

For others, even though they do speak, they do so with politically "tainted" lenses.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare has been fair in my opinion on many challenges which plagues our beautiful country.

In his recent comments, the Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Dr Charles Agyinasare lamented about the shear number of ministers a small country like Ghana has.

Bishop Dr Charles Agyinasare.

He sends this simple message to the ruling government which reads "a country as small as Ghana, which has budget deficits and depends on donors aids to run some items on it's budget should not seriously have more than eighty (80) ministers."

He furthered that there is a need for significant reduction of the workers or staff in the Jubilee House.

Indeed, many countries the world over have fewer than sixty ministers not to talk about more than eighty ministers.

Ghana has about fourty (40) substantive ministers and two deputies each for each minister amounting to some 120 (one hundred and twenty) ministers.

Each of these ministers have their government funded and fueled heavy duty expensive vehicles and many other freebies at the expense of the tax-payer.

In your opinion, is the bishop right to send this simple message to the ruling government? Can we reduce the number of ministers and still get the job done effectively?

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