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You reject polygamy, we also reject gay ism, lesbianism – Ras Mubarak blasts European Union

Previous Member of Parliament for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak has asked the public authority to promptly remove ambassadors effectively lobbying for LGBTQ in the country as Ghana can't constrain its will on them, we don't anticipate that they should do same to us. 

As indicated by the extremist NDC ex-MP who is additionally a polygamist, European laws on polygamy are not the same as Ghana's laws on homosexuality and should be regarded without one side driving the other to acknowledge it. 

"Since Ghanaians can't advise Europeans to quit aggrieving polygamists, Europeans should not be mentioning to us what we should acknowledge In our general public and what we shouldn't." he composed. 

He approached government to check media houses that advance LGBTQ content straightforwardly and by implication as it is commensurate to telling individuals the best way to perpetrate a wrongdoing. 

"There must be an enactment that reproves media houses which air supportive of LGBTQI perspectives and substance. Would these media houses give cybercriminals or alcoholic drivers to utilize their foundation to urge others to perpetrate cybercrime or drive drunk?" he inquired. 

On Foreign representatives inclusion, he said "it is unsatisfactory for certain ambassadors to choose to disregard their host country and participate in a gathering with a lot of individuals who's exercises are unlawful under Ghanaian laws. 

He added: "I trust, I truly trust that administration would dare to announce these representatives persona non grata. Parliament should meet people's high expectations and administer, to control the shameless broadcasting of perspectives on LGBTQI. It must strength existing enactment."

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