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The Secret Prophetic Message Of 1957 Dealt A Heavy Blow On 'Fixthecountry' Activists And Ghanaians

By Tsenuokpor Godknows (Columnist)

As you are aware, there is a new movement in the country strongly pushing for developmental agenda amid the worsening economic environment under our the scorching sun. 

The campaign calling for drastic measures admitted Ghanaians from the so-called Heaven, the United States. Jonas Twene, a fast rising vlogger has expanded the scope to admit chiefs, regardless of the fact that the chiefs per the laws of the land only allow to perform ceremony functions nothing more, nothing much they can hardly do apart from influence that if it is possible.

From the word go, major currencies were awarded to government for free, they include poor roads, floods, bad town planning, lack of jobs this is just a few there are many more I didn't mention.

The movement is at its peak now, and from my observation they didn't achieve any result except the rise of some least known vloggers I once don't know, anyway that is good, because the pocket is what everyone yearns for including me. But here comes the question of morality because these mountain of (Fixthecountryow) stars who made fame and money, none has donated part of their earnings towards the construction of a toilet in the country hmm, the people who question morality of government, are they themselves greedy?

I don't know maybe you can tell, let go on I have more to say.

On 6th March independent day, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first President delivered a key speech which more or less look like a prophecy we don't seem to care about.

According to Dr, Kwame Nkrumah we need to change our altitude as a people. Someone is wondering what is this columnist attempting to reveal my answer is what you have in mind or maybe something else.

When you throw rubbish on a public road, pass toilets into gutters, produce more children you cannot afford their bill, is that the fault of government? Read on I have more to say.

As reputable writer, I will be wrong to hold entire government responsible for our problems that is not to say I am insensitive, not at all.

In my own observation, the fixghananow agenda failed to broaden the fundamentals by choosing the bigger one, government unknowing or deliberately for all, the bigger problem is you and I that is why fixing ourselves are equally important. By Tsenuokpor Godknows (Columnist)


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