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Don't think about the President's expensive traveling, it benefits us - Okudzeto

It's very worrying and also good that many people don't have the same views. What would have happened if me and you have the same views would not be a good thing at all. While you think the other way, another person will also be thinking the other way round. That is how God wants things to be and it's good for human beings. Enjoy reading this article while you share, follow, like and comment for more interesting updates.

One of the things the president has developed taste for is embarking on expensive trips. Since the member of parliament for the North Tongu Constituency raised alarmed on the traveling of the president to Germany, Ghanaians have been talking anytime the president embark on any international trip. According to Ghanaians, a president who promised to protect the public purse should not be using expensive jets to embark on international trips. Many too have said that the president does not think about the well being of the country that's why he always forsake the presidential jet to hire an expensive ones only.

Following this, a member of council of state who happens to be Hon Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has noted that Ghanaians are always concern about the cost of the president's trip but the benefits that the traveling brings does not concern them. According to Mr. Sam Okudzeto, the people should first understand the meaning of diplomacy before they can say any thing about the President's trips. He insinuated that diplomacy is one of the expensive things in the world and the benefits it breeds are always many so the president cannot sit back at the Jubilee House and let all these benefits pass by the Country.

He is not the only one saying this, Gabby Otchere Darko has also made a similar statement concerning the President's expensive trips. On his side, Ghanaians should focus on what the president brings home anytime he travels not the expenses of his trip. He cited that the president returned with many doses of vaccines when he went to Germany.

What's your thoughts on the words of Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa's relative. Do you think the President's expensive trips benefits the country! Drop you r views in the comment box below and follow up for more. Remember we don't think the same so don't be offended by someone's comment. Have a great day.

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