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NPP primaries: Sammi Awuku, Baba Tauffic and Hanan Abdul-Wahab eye parliamentary seats

The approaching parliamentary primaries of administering the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are preparing, a few people have revealed their advantage in certain seats.

These people incorporate the friendly Public Coordinator, Sammi Awuku, Baba Tauffic and Hanan Abdul-Wahab.

The Chief of the Public Lotteries Authority, Mr Awuku is peering toward the Akropong in the Eastern Locale while Baba Tauffic is up for the Adentan seat in the More noteworthy Accra District with Hanan Abdul-Wahab additionally considering the Pusiga seat.

Mr Awuku is said to have been binding his boot to challenge the Akropong Voting public political decision as MP for 2024 even though he is area of strength for confronting the occupant MP and her allies.

In any case, during the voting demographic leaders' decisions, the Individual from Parliament Nana Ama Dokua purportedly boycotted the political race, and subsequently didn't aerobics at the scene.

Likewise, the Ace of the Energy Service, Kwasi Obeng-Fosu who is popularly known as BT Baba Tauffic is accepted to be the delegates decision for Adentan supporters as they visualize him to be the best individual to win back the seat for the party

He was the Young coordinator when Yaw Buaben Asamoa won the seat in 2016.

The help he has is because of the pretended in assembling the adolescent to win the 2016 races.

He is exceptionally famous inside the NPP and, surprisingly, the NDC as well as the other ideological groups in the voting demographic and has prepared a ton of the young, subsequently the name "Homeboy".

Many are of the view that, introducing a lively young fellow who has supported the constituency from a party specialist on many events, surveying station leader, voting public chief and presently a benefactor will prepare the energy and assist with uniting every one of the groups again in their bid to crush the eight and win spirit the Adentan seat for the NPP.

Yaw Buaben Asamoa lost the seat to Hon. Adamu Ramadan in the 2020 races.

Anyway for Pusiga, the CEO of the Public Food Cradle Stock Organization (NAFCO), Mr Hanan Abdul-Wahab is warming himself into that seat for the 2024 races.

Boss Hanan as he's famously called was an individual from the Mission groups of the Northern and Upper East Locales and the Bawku Focal Supporters for the 2020 decisions.

During the 2020 election, he gave seventy-seven (77) spic and span Motorbikes to the decision New Energetic Party (NPP) in the Upper East Area.

Because of his kindness towards a large number of the constituents, he is tipped to be the principal possibility to win the Pusiga seat for the New Devoted Party.

He is ingenious and grasps the nearby governmental issues of the area.

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