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Here are the reasons why NDC expelled Koku Anyidoho from the party (opinion)

The Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the largest opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expelled Koku Anyidoho from the party. This followed an earlier decision by the same committee to suspend the man and subsequently referred him to the Desciplinary Committee (DC) of the party for further investigations and necessary action.

After several months of investigations, the FEC of the party finally adopted the recommendations of the DC and communicated it's decision to the embattled former deputy General Secretary yesterday. In a one page letter signed by the General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia and sighted by CitizenOne, the FEC directed Mr. Anyidoho to hand over any party property in his possession to the party head office. Meanwhile, the former secretary forfeited all financial contributions made to the party while he was a member.

Koku aka The Bull was accused of championing anti party agenda contrary to article 48 of the party constitution.

CitizenOne has delved deep into the controversy and has suggested reasons behind his dismissal from the party.

"Some heads are rolling"

Koku Anyidoho was the press secretary to late President Mills. During his tenure, there came a time when the senior national team Black Stars played a friendly match with Cameroonian national team in Baba Yara Sports Stadium, Kumasi. While the march was ongoing, there was unannounced power outage in the region forcing the game to a halt. There was public uproar with some individuals calling on the President fire those behind that international embarrassment.

Without a word from the president, Koku Anyidoho told journalists that the president had fired the Ashanti Regional Director of Electricity Company Ltd. "The president is upset", he said. "And some heads are rolling and it is the ECG Regional Director", Koku stated. However this turned out to be false information. Some people called on the president to dismiss him for laying with his name. But the president forgave his boy.

"A comfortable lead"

When NDC lost power in 2016, Anyidoho was a member of the national campaign team. Even as all figures pointed to a defeat for the incumbent party, Koku Anyidoho gave party supporters false hope by assuring them that NDC was in a comfortable lead. "From the figures we have put together so far, NDC is in a comfortable lead and we are surely cruising to victory. The victory of the NDC is coming again...", Koku charged. Eventually NDC lost and party supporters turned their anger to Anyidoho calling for his head. The NPP even called for his prosecution as his comments could had sparked violence in Ghana.

Attacks on John Mahama

Since John Mahama took over from late President Mills, Anyidoho seized to be the press secretary to the president. Many insiders suggested that the man had been bitter over this and even at times showed attitude to President Mahama. He had even refused to recognise John Mahama as a leader of the party as he called on Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo to be bold and take charge as party leader. Many NDC supporters regarded this as a sign of disrespect to the former president and party flagbearer.

Attacks on party leadership

The former deputy General Secretary chose to contest Johnson Asiedu Nketia for the position of General Secretary but was unsuccessful. Anyidoho blamed his defeat on Asiedu Nketia Andy John Mahama. He accused Mr. Nketia of gaving him earlier impression that he (Asiedu Nketia) was not going to contest again as General Secretary. But when he (Anyidoho) picked nomination forms to contest as General Secretary, Mr. Nketia also picked forms for the same position. The two have since not seen eye to eye.

Attacks on party members

Mr. Anyidoho had dealt drastically with supporters of his party NDC especially those who disagree with his attacks on John Mahama and party leadership. One of such people is a social media sensasor Jifa Gunu. Jifa Gunu accused Anyidoho of disowning his own daughter to the point of death. According to Jifa, when the daughter died, Anyidoho didn't attend her burial. By this Jifa suggested Anyidoho had a hand in his daughter's death. In response, Koku Anyidoho sued Jifa Gunu for defamation of character. The case is still in court.

"The president would be uprooted like cassava"

Mr. Anyidoho passed a comment on President Akuffo Addo landed him in trouble. During a radio political talk show, Mr. Anyidoho who was speaking for the NDC boldly stated that President Akuffo Addo would not end his first term of office. He said, just as his (President's) father was 'uprooted' from office and became a ceremonial president, Nana Addo would be equally "uprooted like cassava from office". He was subsequently arrested and detained at the BNI office for more than 72 hours. Anyidoho was later released with a bond to be of good behaviour.

Pro opponent agenda

Ever since Mr. Anyidoho was released from the BNI custody, he had been fighting the course of NPP. His first public statement was to thank Nana Addo and BNI for the treatment they gave him while he was at their custody. Not even a word of thanks went to Mr. John Mahama and other party faithfuls who fought for him. This made people suspect a foul play.

He continued his pro opposition course both on radio and online always praising president Akuffo Addo and the NPP while condemning John Mahama and the NDC. He took a picture of NPP project, publish same on social media to praise the opponent.

He and former Central Regional Chairman of the party Alottey Jacobs openly campaigned for the ruling NPP in the last election. Party members became aggrieved and petitioned the disciplinary committee of the party to sanction them. Allotey Jacobs was recently expelled from the party.

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