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I saw the elephant defeating the eagle, NDC will be in opposition for 20 years- Vision of a driver

A taxi driver who is called Armstrong Edmund Amoako has revealed a vision he had about the 2020 general elections which will come off in December. In an interview with Adepa TV, the taxi driver disclosed that the 2020 general elections has already been sealed in the realms of the spirit and for that matter what ever you do in the natural world has no impact on it. He added that one evening as he goes to bed, he dreamed of the 2020 general elections in an open vision and the political party who won it in the dream. He continued by saying that the Lord took his spirit and open his eyes to see an elephant and an eagle engage in a fight which was very strange.

The elephant was able to defeat the eagle and in the dream, the eagle died and the earth swallowed the eagle. The lord then told me that the elephant stands for the NPP whiles the eagle stands for the NDC. The spirit of the Lord then disclosed to me that the death of the eagle in the dream signifies how the NDC party will loose the 2020 general elections. The lord told me in the dream that the elections will be peaceful and it is the NPP who will win it. John Mahama should not waste his time and resources in this 2020 general elections since it will amount to nothing at the end of the day.

John Mahama can never be a president again and the NDC will be in opposition for about 20 years. The Lord is using the NPP to developed Ghana in a special way of which the whole world will be proud of. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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