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“If Russia Wins, It Will Lead to World War III”: President Zelenskyy Reveals Why Africa Must Support

Kyiv, Ukraine - "I'm an open president," Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, said toward the start of his internet meeting with and other African media on Thursday, August 4. "I maintain that our exchange should be open… You can pose any inquiries... I vow to straightforwardly respond to them."

Consistent with his words, President Zelenskyy, who wore his trademark, basic however famous short-sleeved military olive green T-shirt, talked straightforwardly and enthusiastically as he answered questions got some information about the Russian intrusion of Ukraine and its worldwide ramifications.

Responding to inquiries on the chance of finding an arranged harmony among Russia and Ukraine, President Zelenskyy described how he even made a special effort to keep the conflict from occurring.

The Ukrainian chief said he conversed with world pioneers, from Europe to America, Australia and Africa, in a bid to have direct talks with Vladimir Putin, leader of Russia, however all without much of any result as Moscow was not prepared to allow harmony an opportunity.

In spite of its media promulgation, the president said Moscow gave no space for exchange or harmony talks.

Mr Zelenskyy is an authorized legal counselor who sought after a vocation in satire and made his own creation organization, one of the greatest in Ukraine. Before his political race as president in 2019, he used to deliver a ton of shows and, surprisingly, assumed the part of the President in parody series. In any case, 2022 was a big deal. Radiating a quality of certainty, presently he says Ukraine will end the conflict with triumph. Furthermore, this isn't a film.

In any case, the president expressed that any conflict or battle closes with exchange. He, in any case, noted, solemnly, that "the way to this exchange is extremely lengthy and exceptionally ridiculous, tragically."

World War III: What will occur assuming Russia wins

Speaking further on why Africa ought to help Ukraine, President Zelenskyy cautioned that assuming Russia wins, other strong dictator nations will follow Moscow's strides and this will be the start of World War III.

To stay away from World War III, which will influence essentially everybody, Africa and the remainder of the world need to join around Ukraine to end the attack, he said. As of late, Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, set out on a visit through four African nations, specifically Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda and the Republic of the Congo. Nonetheless, President Zelenskyy said another way African pioneers can uphold Ukraine isn't to have Russian authorities who turn up introducing themselves as quiet individuals.

"Come clean": Zelenskyy on how Africa ought to help Ukraine

On how Africa can be of assist in finishing the waiting Russia-Ukraine with fighting, President Zelenskyy said the landmass ought to help come clean with and spread about the attack.

Mr Zelenskyy emphasized that Africa shouldn't take a nonpartisan position, adding that past giving cash or weapons, the landmass ought to "carefully" denounce the Russian outrages.

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