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Why Ghanaians Take Their Greetings Seriously

Ghanaians of various backgrounds are fond of greeting each other. It is instilled in them from infancy. You always see hearty greetings at gatherings. Children greet the class-teacher before going to sit down when they get to school in the morning. When strangers enter into commercial vehicles they tend to acknowledge the presence of the one they sit by. Here are some reasons why Ghanaians love to greet:

Ghana is a collectivist society. This means they tend to not be individualistic. They promote group harmony. Greeting helps in this.

Greeting your neighbor helps to keep your relationship cordial and you would be approachable to each other. That could even relate to why Ghanaians are said to be hospitable.

Greetings help in promoting respect and honor in the society.

Greetings can brighten your day. Seeing somebody smile at you can also put a smile on your face. That can give you a good mood to continue in the day. Ghanaians normally accompany greetings with pleasantries or small talk. This can help each other be kept updated about their personal lives or societal issues. You also get to share your worries. "A problem shared is a problem halved".

All in all, greeting in Ghana helps you to be socially adept. You get to understand your culture and identity better. People normally greet in their local languages and this can promote a sense of belonging. Let's not forget the purpose of why we greet.

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