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Breaking: Biden tests negative for coronavirus

Not to take your minds back to the depressing global pandemic, but Joe Biden's campaign have just announced that the potential president-elect has tested negative for Covid-19.

What would Joe Biden's cabinet look like?

It's still too early to call the election, but there's no hiding from the fact that Joe Biden is currently occupying the driver's seat.

In the event that he wins, the Democratic official up-and-comer's associates have secretly implied he intends to assemble the most assorted Cabinet in American history, composes Rozina Sabur. 

Mr Biden is enamored with saying the administration should "resemble the nation" it oversees, and his group have proposed that few ladies and minorities are in line for top posts under a Biden administration. 

Given Mr Biden's age – he would be 78 when he got down to business – the Democrat is likewise compelled to guarantee a more youthful age of rising political ability highlights in his administration picks

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