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Summary Of JM’s Address To the Nation After Election Petition Defeat

Tonight Thursday, March 4, 2021 former President John Dramani Mahama addressed the nation. It can be recalled that earlier today the Supreme Court gave its final verdict the election petition brought before it before it by the petitioner John Mahama.

According to the verdict today the case was dismissed. In close of 2 hours of reading the verdict, Chief Justice Aning Yeboah announced that the case was dismissed because it lacked merit. After proceedings the legal team of John Mahama indicated that John Mahama will address the nation at 5pm. Later the time was changed to 6pm.

Below are some of the excerpts of from John Mahama’s address to the nation tonight.

1.The Petition was from me but it represented the views of many Ghanaians.

2. Many are still baffled as to why Jean Mensah did not testify. The judges gave unanimous decision and this kept her from testifying. This was unlike Afari Gyan who willingly testified

3. Her refusal to testify has set a bad precedence for the country.

4. I disagree with the justices that she cannot be made to testify.

5. I disagree with the process of the trial and the ruling though we are forced to abide by it.

6. Ghanaians can remember how Tsatsu Tsikata used the Bible as reference while Amenuvor said the God factor should be left out while we know the Bible is what is used when swearing in people.

7. Ghanaians will forever remember how Jean Mensa evaded being interrogated. This leaves an embarrassing stain on our electoral and judicial system.

8. The EC did not live to their motto. They failed to account to Ghanaians and this will allow heads of other institutions to do same and hope the laws will shield them. I hope and pray that time will prove me wrong.

9. Asiedu Nketia was the star witness to not just the petitioner but also the respondents.

10. This case will go into our history and later students will find it baffling. 

11. It is time we speak against those who seek to destroy the very institutions that brought them to power.

12. Today we cannot say the Electoral Commission is independent.

13.This was all a calculated move to take out the former commissioner and bring in a new one.

14. The NDC clearly won the Parliamentary Majority. This was however twisted to favor the NPP. It is not surprising that election observers raised issues about tallying.

15. The Electoral Commission has no reason to remain in office because they have been found not to be neutral. Reforms need to be made in the commission for future elections.

16. We cannot forget the injustice done to the people of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Likpe and Lolobi. This was calculated to get one party to win in that constituency. We must all demand justice for the SALL people.

17. We entered the 2020 elections against an incumbent who was bent on retaining power. There was selective deployment to destabilize us. Again they used nationality issues to keep people from voting just like they did recently to Yaw Domelevo.

18. A big thank you to our witnesses and the legal team led by Tsatsu Tsikata for fight a great battle. The services granted to me by them was free and without charge.

19. For those who feel disappointed they should hold their heads high so that it 2024 there will be a free and fair elections.

20. We lost the petition but the struggle continues. We will fight till the aim is realized. To my running mate, chairman, executives, sponsors and everyone, do not despair. Never lose hope. The NDC will survive and get better.

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