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Tell Your Leaders You Need Factories And Industries Not Rice And Oil~ Evangelist Addai.

No one can deny that employment creation is necessary to keep a country's economy afloat. In a society where manufacturers and industries are scarce, the chances of armed robbery, commercial sex workers, petty criminals, and other social vices are high. A very moving video surfaced online the other day, and it was quite an eye-opening film at that. The teenagers of Busunu are shown in the film rejecting a bag of grains and oil offered to them by a member of parliament. They begged or chanted that they needed jobs, not ordinary rice, which they could buy if they had jobs, after rejecting the MP's offer.

Following the release of this video, Evangelist Addai, a controversial Ghanaian living in the United States, has contributed his voice to the debate. In his video, the CEO of the Moment of Truth stated that if Ghanaian politicians can spend so much money on erecting cathedrals and mosques but cannot build companies and businesses to employ the unemployed young on the streets, then they should be questioned. Key soap, chamber pot, rice, and oil were among the products rejected by the Muslim youth at Busunu in greater detail.

The youth have awakened, and the old ways have passed them by. We need work to survive, not commodities that will be eaten in a matter of days.

In America, there is no way Joe Biden or any other politician would risk carrying rice and oil to car dealerships to donate to residents. In Ghana's history, a moment will come when the youth will thrash some politicians severely. They'll know the youth have awakened when they see that.

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