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Warning: Government Issues Strong Warning To Ministers And Appointees.

The need to maintain discipline and security has always been a major factor if a given community is to enjoy progress. It is also very important that fairness and equity does not discriminate among people in a given society. It is however human for people, wrong as it may be, to go overboard and find themselves in a state which will end up compromising security, especially when they have some privilege.

It becomes even more worrying when the culprits of these acts are people of higher standing and status.

One of such things is the usage of sirens. Apart from emergencies, the only time sirens are used is when top government officials are moving around. But then , it seems this privilege has been abused to the extent that people or government officials who are not supposed to use them when moving, have settled on doing so.

It is for this reason that a strong message has been issued, that government appointees who are not supposed to use sirens when moving around, but have started using, should stop with immediate effect. They include regional ministers be they regional or state and their deputies, MMDCE’s, officials of the presidency as well as CEO’s of government agencies.

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