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Here Are 5 Countries Where The Sun Never Sets and There is no Night

Did you ever wonder when the sun disappears, and where the world turns around the Sun, the night begins? We're both used to the sun rising in the morning, and settling up in the west at night, right? I also mentioned in this article some great countries where the sun doesn't go down and progress all over the day. Let's head directly.

1. Sweden

In Sweden the sun does not set for at least hundred days is in a geographical region. This occurs every year between May and August in several areas in Sweden.

2. Finland

Do you know that the majority of people enjoy the summer in Finland? The justification is here now. Over the season, the sun does not fall for 76 days and there is no time to waste the summer holiday.

3. Alaska

Alaska is once a part of Russia, but it has been sold to America by the Russians. The sun is 50 minutes in Alaska and every day, between May and July, it is up again about midnight. Alaska is famous for the beautifully landscaped glaciers.

4. Norway

It is the epicentre of the Arctic Circle at midnight and day. The sun here would not fall for over 75 days, if night and day are slightly contrary to the average.

5. Canada

It is definitely one of the world's biggest nations. In the summertime of the year the sun does not fall for about half a century here, as the country has four seasons. This happens mostly in Canada's northwest province.

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