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Would Africa Benefit From A One World Government?

Right now? It would be terrible. The problem with government is that we didn’t pound the final nail into government theory just last week. It’s still evolving. We have no clue how to make really good government for very large populations. We have kind-of, sort-of figured out how good government looks and feels for small populations. Like many things in reality, that which works when really small doesn’t scale up to the very large.

So while New Zealand, Finland and Singapore all make amazing government (from one perspective or another), the bigger a country gets, the more clunky its government gets. We just don’t know how to get it right for very large populations. Because of this, if we tried to institute a big government covering all of humanity, it would collapse under its own weight.

What do I mean?

What government would be “supreme”? The US Constitution or the Federal Republic of Earth (FRE) Constitution? If the FRE Constitution is supreme, does it have a bicameral legislature, one that represents all nations as equal and thus, Liechtenstein gets (say) two Senators along with China and the US? Does it have a separate House of Representatives in which nations are represented by population? Does this mean that India and China get a quarter of all the seats? Or do we also factor in tax contribution, in which case, the US and Western Europe would gobble up the seats?

That brings us to the next problem. How would rich nations feel about having to foot the bill to modernize Africa and vast swathes of Asia? Is there one world currency? What happens when China is in a recession and needs to lower interest rates while the US is booming and wants to cut them? What happens if Australia is fed up with the FRE and wants out? Does the world go to war to keep Australia in? What about capital punishment, gay rights, women’s rights? Does the FRE have a military and can it send that military to put down a revolt in Mumbai?

One day, down the road, we may figure out how to make truly exceptional government. Maybe it won’t be perfect, but maybe it will be 10x better than we have now. Maybe it will be a very loose confederation, unifying the world to explore space, leaving domestic affairs to the individual nations. Maybe it will be a unitary republic hybridizing our very thoughts through some advanced connection we all have with a super AI always making the very best decisions possible and always knowing the wishes of the citizens. Maybe it will be none of those things. But right now, we cannot possibly make a good global government that makes everybody comfortable with the decisions it makes — this is especially so, given the significant gaps between what various nations (like the US, Russia, China, Japan, Finland, Costa Rica, Israel, Iran, for example) think is “good government”.

For now, the least bad of all options are the many collections of treaties we have that bind nations, but leave them totally sovereign.

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