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African Traditional Worship Must Replace Christianity - Says Quotation Master

African Traditional Spiritualist, teacher and public speaker, Nana Kwaku Peprah who is also popularly called Lucifer or Quotation Master has made a proclamation that, "Our Traditional form of worship must replace Christianity in Ghana and that is what he seeks to achieve". 

"The 'God' that follows me is called 'Atuhene' which in Akan language means the 'God' that dethrones and replaces Kings or the 'God' that destroys and builds kingdoms, so let's see how it goes". "This is something I've done and done and shall continue to do". He admonished all and sundry to watch the change and said "It was going to be a gradual process". 

When asked how he did that, Quotation Master claimed this isn't his first time of coming unto this earth and that he had been reborn into different embodiment on this earth before and he is now hear in this lifetime to continue. "This is why I'm called 'Ayaaba' the great. Meaning, the reincarnated one with many existence on the earth. 

To Lucifer, he doesn't fear the power of the Christian religion because this is something he has done before, so no need to fear anything.

"This is my work and I shall do it." I'm just at the beginning stages and most Ghanaians are struggling and scared about my attack on their faith. He added, "So people can imagine what would happen if I'm able to move from class one through to Junior High School, Senior High and the University, what do you think would happen"? 

According to 'Ayaaba' this is his assignment, in this lifetime on earth and by the time he is done, he would have trained a lot of disciples. "When that times, I shall live and continue somewhere else for my disciples to take over and continue". "This isn't where I'm from" he claimed. 

He was speaking to C. K. on Television CK monitored on YouTube. 

Nana Peprah concluded by asking a rhetorical question to Ghanaians that "Should we attend a function and all of us are to present our 'God', which 'God' are we going to present? He continued that, these are the things that must engage our minds as a people so we can make amends going forward. 

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