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I'll Be Very Cool With On You Because Of Your Wife ~Captain Smart To Hopeson Adorye.

Fighting against one freedom fighter is like fighting against all other freedom fighters and the people in a place where the local people's lives aren't worth writing home about. Hopesson Adorye, a member of the existing administration, recently appeared online in the United States of America, pursuing Twene Jonas. According to Hopeson, Twene Jonas has been lying to the public for the past few days, claiming that he is living luxuriously in America and that everything is well. Along the way, Twene Jonas was fired from his job and evicted by his landlord, he claimed. He also mentioned a few other things and dared the online sensation to face him. Only God knows if his assertions are accurate.

Now, as a result of his video, Hopeson has incurred the anger of the majority, with numerous individuals on social media hurling enormous insults at him. Several more freedom fighters, both inside and outside the country, have followed suit. Captain Smart, as one of the most prominent freedom warriors, cannot let this matter go unnoticed. He's hurled fire towards Hopeson, which you can read about below this paragraph.

"I was on the internet yesterday watching biribii gyigyiwo when I got a notification and clicked on it, and it took me to a video of a man named Hopeson Adorye." I was going to hit you harder, but I'm going to be nice to you today for your wife's sake. Respectfully, Your Excellency With all due respect, Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo, you have cost the state money by appointing a man like him. When Mahama brought Akua Donkor to Senche for a meeting to discuss the country's economic progress, I was harsh with her.

"The Npp party was meant to be full of intelligence people, but it appears to be full of borla products now." People of this caliber should be dismissed from the NPP as soon as possible, before it is too late for the entire party. How was it possible for the president to invite Hopeson to the United Nations General Assembly? He was so taken aback by America's beauty that he couldn't think of anything else to say but insult Twene Jonas. He had the opportunity to go to America and assault a freedom fighter, but he had abandoned his people in his village. "Who is it that does it?"

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