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Opinion: NDC will be defeated in 2020 election because of Sammy Gyamfi

John Mahama will lose 2020 election because of Sammy Gymafi. NDC man cried

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Sammy Gyamfi is a prominent member of the National Democratic Congress NDC. He has been a nightmare for the sitting government. Years back NDC was renowned as their members are babies with sharp teeth. Sammy Gyamfi is making it real as many people claims.

A member of the National Democratic Congress has lamented on how the party's Communications Director who is Sammy Gyamfi has been conducting himself in operating on his duties.

This person seems to be unknown but according to him, the ways Sammy Gyamfi has been handling his political issues is very dangerous to the party as a communications officer. He could heavily account to the defeat of the National Democratic Congress in 2020 if not checked.

This anonymous person has based on several reasons to support his statements, this includes how the communication offer speaks on air. The way Sammy Gyamfi address to state issues is sometimes disrespectful and a sense of pride in his speeches.  

As a Communications offer, you are followed by many people and you are the voice of a whole party not yourself alone, so Sammy Gyamfi is expected to talk in a polite manner to win the hearts of voters, Sammy Gyamfi does the opposite . He said this by referring him to his recent warning to the security forces and he thinks that was a very bad move by the communications officer and for the whole NDC party as well.

As a Communications person, the man expected Sammy Gyamfi to talk in a manner that will win the hearts of Ghanaians, but he said Sammy Gyamfi does otherwise. He referred to Sammy Gyamfi's recent warning to the security forces, and said that was a very bad move by the young officer of the party.

According to this man, the suspension of Bernard Allotey Jacobs the former central Regional Chairman of the party was encouraged by Sammy Gyamfi. He asked why could a whole party let Sammy Gyamfi bring them down by his wrong ways of doing things.

Again the embargo of Peace FM was also the doing of this same person.

How Sammy Gyamfi appoint communicators for radio and TV programs is inappropriate. The members he has sidelined from the communication team

He concluded by warning if measures are not put in place, the party will be defected once again in 2020

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