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TV3 Programme Comes To A Halt After NDC Panelist Told His NPP Colleague To Be Silent Or Walk Out

It was a hot exchange of words on TV3’s ‘The Keypoints’ when Richard Nyamah, an NPP Deputy Communications Director and Edem Agbana, the NDC Deputy Youth organizer clashed on a show. The show delved on the NDC Protest March over the week. According to Edem Agbana, the march was successful and the NDC will keep on pressurizing the President Akufo-Addo government to do better.

The confusion started when Richard Nyamah insisted that there was nothing purposeful about the march. He queried why Sam George who was a victim of the Ayawaso West Wugon by election would say that soldiers will be treated as criminals if they joined the Police to escort the protesters. When it got to Edem’s turn to comment, he denied that Sam George said that. 

“Sam George is not here. Richard, you need to respect our viewers. I kept quiet when you were talking. It’s my turn to talk. Its only proper you carry the programme with some decorum. Abena when you are embarking on a peaceful march, it is the police that has that mandate to provide protection. 

I have not heard Sam George say that but if I had the opportunity I would have said same. President Akufo-Addo is known for using the military to brutalize citizens” Edem said.

At that point both the host and Richard Nyamah intervened calling on Edem to tone down. “I saw Sam George on tape saying that we will treat any military man as a criminal. You are misinforming people” Richard rebutted.

Both communicators started throwing words at each other and accusing each other of lies. “If you cannot keep quiet, then you can go. Richard when you lose the argument this is how you behave. If you cannot be part of the programme you can walk out. You can walk out” Edem Agbana said.

This might have inflamed Richard Nyamah who reacted and the host had no option but to halt the show and take a break. Later, Abena Tabi, the host after the commercial break indicated that Sam George actually made that statement during the NDC march.

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