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"NDC should just withdraw the election petition" - Bukom Banku

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) legal team are providing all the evidences that they have in other to overturn the 2020 Presidential elections declared by the EC Chair, Mrs. Jean Mensah. Braimah Kamoko popularly known as Bukom Banku is not happy about certain ruling of the Supreme Court.

He argued that, "The Right To Information Act allows citizens to request public documents from public agencies. Whether the NDC has duplicate copies of those documents or not is not the issue, the issue is Electoral Commission is a public agency funded by tax payers. It has public documents and we want to see those documents. It was a 7-0 ruling against that request".

And since it was 7-0 ruling against the request, Bukom Banku think that it will be better the NDC withdraw the petition from the Supreme Court. Yayra Koku Deku, who is also a strong member of the NDC also said this some time ago. The original copies of the documents used for the official declaration of the 2020 Presidential election is what the NDC need to compare with what they have.

And it seems like without the court allowing them to get access to those documents is going to make their case difficult to prove. They are not happy with this decision of the court but that is the decision of the Supreme Court.

The proceedings from the court shows that, the NDC has copies of those documents and therefore no need to ask for those documents from EC. Meanwhile, the case still holds. Time will tell how the proceedings will end in the court. There are other witnesses who are yet to speak and it is too early for some NDC members to call for a quit.

What do you make of this statement from Bukom Banku?

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