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Government Gives Money To The Electricity Company (ECG) For Replacement Of Some Equipment

The administration has delivered $130 million for the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to supplant all out of date hardware inside its line of activity. 

"In the event that the gear is supplanted, it will add esteem, change power quicker, diminish misfortunes and make influence less expensive for customers," the Minister of Energy, Mr John-Peter Amewu, said. 

Talking at the eighth release of the Nation Building Updates in Accra yesterday on the topic: "Keeping the lights on, controlling our development", the clergyman said the ECG had been working with old gear in the course of recent years. 

"There are a few bits of hardware of the ECG that are old and these have been in presence for as far back as 30 years," he told the pressed theater of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

He said the difficulties of the energy area were not tied in with adding more kilowatts however guaranteeing effectiveness and great administration and keeping up what was at that point there. 

Mr Amewu clarified that part of the reason for the significant expense of power was the old hardware utilized in the transmission of intensity. 

He communicated the expectation that when the outdated gear was supplanted, "the light will be more splendid, power consumption will be lower and the business will develop". 


Mr Amewu clarified that the collaboration that existed among the Ghana Grid Company Ltd (GRIDCo), the Volta River Authority (VRA), the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and the Ghana Gas Company Ltd represented the improved administrations Ghanaians were getting a charge out of under the ebb and flow government. 

He condemned the past government for isolating the oil area from that of energy, clarifying that it brought about the absence of coordination between the two sub-areas, which represented the difficulties the energy area experienced under that administration. 

He said under the current government, there was an elevated level of ecclesiastical cooperation, "and that clarifies why today you are appreciating power at low taxes". 

"Today, the Energy Sector Reform Program, which is driven by our Senior Minister, Mr Yaw Osafo-Maafo, has made it workable for us to unravel a portion of our money related troubles," he said. 

Mr Amewu clarified that the administration had chosen to move the Karpower Plant from Tema to Takoradi in the Western Region, with help from the GNPC, to be nearer to the gas power plant to decrease the separation of moving gas, "which eventually prompted the expansion in levies for the shopper". 

He clarified that with the migration of the Karpower to Takoradi, shoppers would not be hit with duty increments "as we found previously". 

Decreasing energy utilization 

The clergyman clarified that the legislature had the option to renegotiate the valuing of gas from the nation's oil fields from $8.8 to $6.08 and decreased that of Jubilee Gas, specifically, from $3 to zero. 

He likewise reported that the administration had acquired 12 million energy-sparing bulbs to decrease the utilization of energy. 

Utilizing graphs to represent his entries, Mr Amewu said from 2010 power taxes went up, until 2017 when they began descending, adding: "Today, under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the levies that you are paying are far lower than the duties you were paying in 2016." 

He said going ahead, "we will improve fundamentally income assortment with the execution of distant detecting innovation, which is as of now being guided by the ECG". 

"We will diminish misfortunes, especially in influence appropriation, by guaranteeing that the ECG and the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) actualize motivator based misfortune decrease focuses for all," he guaranteed Ghanaians. 

Mr Amewu gave an affirmation that the administration would finish all continuous country charge tasks to guarantee an incentive for cash. 

"We will implement serious acquisition of intensity, the least cost fuel obtainment and limiting abundance limit charges," he added.

Content created and supplied by: Cyril-Joel (via Opera News )

Accra ECG Electricity Company Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. John-Peter Amewu


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