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All these groups were vocal under John Mahama, but have been put into silence mode under Nana Addo

In Ghana, we were taught not to talk whiles eating; and so he who has eaten… and is belly full does not talk much.

Ghana under the leadership of President Nana Akuffo Addo and Dr. Mahamudu has been faced with several challenges, mostly youth unemployment, Poor Educational System, increased armed robbery, poor health delivery, Poor Infrastructure, Electrical Power Problems, Agricultural Challenges, lack of portable water in the northern parts of Ghana, and in most villages and towns across the country, and many more. 

The above-mentioned problems seem to be increasing rather than reducing; but when the people in the country complain about their situations… Nana Addo and his government strongly insist, that there are no problems; and that the system is working.

During the leadership of former president John Dramani Mahama, the country was faced with the same problems; and we had ‘loud’ groups like the National Peace Council, the Christian Council, the Islamic Council, Occupy Ghana, the Ghanaian Celebrities, the ‘so called’ powerful men of God, the media and the self acclaimed ‘wise men’ in the country, were all very busy… hitting hard on President Mahama’s administration for his poor leadership.

Today, almost every one of these groups have been hit with the culture of silence…. or the spirit of silence. Where are the Peace Council and the Christian Council who were very loud and hard on the John Mahama’s government? Where are the media groups and the ‘so called’ powerful men of God who were very strong and vocal during the leadership of John Mahama? Have they all vanished into the thin air? 

In John Mahama’s leadership, almost all the big institutions in the country were turned into conference centers; there were conferences and lectures here and there, to discuss the problems facing the country during John Mahama’s leadership…and these painted the picture as if John Mahama was as an incompetent president. 

Today under President Nana Addo and the NPP government, are all these groups… and people who were very hard on John Mahama, seems to be ‘belle full’ and have been put into ‘silence mode’. All the economic Dons under John Mahama have also appears to be very busy ’eating’ under Nana Addo; and so “he who is busy eating must not talk; or else he will be joked with the food”.

Why do you think the National Peace Council, the Christian Council, the Islamic Council, Occupy Ghana, the Ghanaian Celebrities and so on; were very loud under John Mahama, but now quite under Nana Addo?

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