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Countries that speak kusaal language apart from Ghana

The kusaal language is spoken by the indigenous people of Bawku municipality in the upper east region of Ghana. The people are mainly know by their culture.

The language is kusaal and the people are kusasi's this people are finding it very hard about tracing their origin like other language's in Ghana or tribe's. They are mostly proud of their bumper harvest festival popularly know as samanpiid , it's a yearly festival thanking their gods for giving them a great harvest

This festival also help them in promoting their culture across the country and the world as large.the Bawku municipality is at the corner between Ghana and Burkina Faso. The kusaug kingdom are largely farmers they cultivate rice maize etc.

The kusaug kingdom are made up of the Agole and Tuode, they are six district within the kusaug vicinity namely Bawku, Bunduri, posiga, Garu, Tempane and zebilla under the Bawku municipality. The people of tuode tune is different from Bawku, Garu, posiga and Bunduri their tune is the same you can't differentiate them but the language is the same.

The countries that are found of speaking the kusaal language are Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

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