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Open Letter to the people of Ghana; we must save our children (Opinion)

Dear Ghanaian,

Many a times I have contemplated on the political blasphemy that has become a norm in Ghana. It is as if the country’s populace lack proper understanding of the word “follower” that the simple act of asking “why” has become a crime in the eyes of many. Everyone seem content with whichever lie the populace is being fed and those who are bold enough to question the status quo instantly get victimized. However, I intend to one day exit this world knowing that I have made it a better place for my children and their children and that is why I will ask the questions no one else is willing to ask or be asked.

In December 2000 when President Kufuor and the New Patriotic Party achieved the “impossible” feat of defeating the dominant National Democratic Congress in a keenly contested election, the explosion of joy that was witnessed across the country was enough evidence that the people have found a new source of hope following two (2) decades of the same faces in leadership. Hope that even though not expected to be anywhere near the one that emanated from the beacon lighted on the mast of Ghana’s desire for the emancipation of the African continent by Kwame Nkrumah, will be enough to wake the peasant farmer up in the morning and keep him going through the day. When in 2009 the time came for President Kufuor and the NPP to hand over the reigns of power to the masterminds of Ghana’s fourth republic, the question of whether or not the New Patriotic Party was able to “fight a good fight, finish the race and keep the faith” was left unasked because no one was willing to ask or be asked. Whether or not president Kuffuor and his administration left a mark to be proud of, was a question no politically unbiased person was able to answer without suddenly becoming a stammerer.

In 2016, the New Patriotic Party and the self acclaimed “Show Boy”, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo took over the reigns of Ghanaian political power from the NDC; their bitterest political rivals. Yet again, no one was bold enough to answer earnestly whether or not the National Democratic Congress has lived up to the expectations of the Ghanaian people. Insanity they say is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

In the last decade, the Ghanaian political space has continued to grow accustomed to the media’s grip on the joystick of the political game’s cockpit. With television and radio shows now dedicated to national politics, it has become even easier for the followers to better understand the real intentions of the leaders. However, the level of support even the most nonperforming state officials and other nation wreckers receive from the populace baffles my mind. I have on several occasions listened to leading figures of the National Democratic Congress; a socialist party, claiming to be better managers of Ghana’s economy as compared to the New Patriotic Party; a capitalist party. The NPP on the other hand has also had leading figures of the party mounting political podiums to brag about how they have provided more social interventions and have displayed more socialism as compared to the socialist NDC. But even with this, I know how almost impossible it is for anyone to ask if this is not a generation of confused politicians.

If the socialist party can not be the best providers of social interventions and the capitalist can not be the better managers of the economy, then I plead to say that the jeopardy towards which we drive is not one we can survive as a nation. Unfortunately, the indicators of national political and economic disaster are not enough to warn us to start demanding accountability from the people tasked with leading us. Even as we live in today, the country is already scavenging the ruins of tomorrow in a rather disgusting fashion and at the detriment of society’s most vulnerable. As we remain passive today, posterity will judge us through our children tomorrow. This is why we must get up from our slumber today and demand water, electricity, a better standard of living, a lower cost of living, a reduction of our taxes, a better pensions and social security policy, proper checks and balances of the government we elected and a better tomorrow. Until then, our children and their children will be nothing more than slaves to the treacherously pretentious fascist of our rather unfortunate political life.

Dear Ghanaian, your help in demanding accountability is of immense importance and the next generation will be counting on it. Please do not let them down.

Yours Faithfully,


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