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Why is it that we Africans know the cause of every death "Rawlings"? - [Gabbie_Gh]

Maybe it should be the reason for how we fear death. It's either the poor village woman, “the witch", or an envious family member, or that woman who want to inherit the rich husband's estate that kills the dead. There is nothing like natural death in Ghana or Africa. We must always have the cause to blame this and that for the death of our loved ones.

What's it about this "preventable death, preventable death" Ghanaians are presently saying about the death of Ghana's previous president, Jerry John Rawlings

For what reason do we become upbeat just in times when missteps prompts a glad taking in our lives? In any case, scowls and snap our teeth just when the tables turn on the opposite side? Ghanaians and Africans loathe hardship and implore consistently to have it far off from us. Individuals, all in all, resemble that really. Be that as it may, this our incredible proclivity to leaping to a hurried end in the wake of hearing the declaration of our dead ones ought to be tended to and nailed everlastingly utilizing president Rawlings' own. 

With my own insight (s) and what I've found out about/from others, I am persuaded past any smidgen of uncertainty that; what we call "botches" are the very courses through which we people pass to accomplish God's course for our lives. 

This doesn't mean the devotee is to be irresponsible and be hopping over the burst wearing cotton cloth. Being cautious is the sign of the astute. It's an immortal life-direct strolling by this. 

For what reason must Ghanaians/Africans consistently have somebody to fault for the death of our friends and family? 

At the point when Bingo Wa Mutharika was flown from Malawi to look for medical services in South Africa, he kicked the bucket there. The Malawians stated, "the president wouldn't had passed on the off chance that he was given a homegrown treatment". 

A quarter of a year after, July 2012, President Attah Mills kicked the bucket in a Ghanaian emergency clinic, individuals stated: "on the off chance that he was flown outside the nation, state, South Africa, he should be living at this point". 

Presently it's Jerry John Rawlings' downfall. The individuals who with their eyes understands what measure of salt there is in a pot of soup ablaze stated: "JJ would have been with us going into the December 7, 2020 races, on the off chance that he was taken to this "best clinic" and be treated by that "specialist know - it - all". 

What's going on with us? What use have we for the numerous ethical exercises we gain from imported strict books and our legends? 

In my local Goka, we state "Ab?fra a ?b?wuo no, ?nhw? s? ?hy? Roma S?fo? b?t? mu"._ Which in a real sense deciphers as "it doesn't make a difference if it's in Roman Father's pocket you cover up proliferate to pass on, child, it'll actually bite the dust." 

Indeed, since we do regard our laws, the best thing we have done as a nation presently is to sit tight for the post-mortem examination report on President Rawlings' remaining parts. On the off chance that one is found to revoltingly ended the life of the previous Head of State, we hold them on for that. 

Till we hang tight for such time and test the framework, we rather let "Individuals' Man" Papa J, rest in ideal harmony than falling back on offending the knowledge of his guardians, the family, who saw him through his last minutes. 

Death of a friend or family member is such a delicate and passionate thing, and it torments as the hot iron pierces through the heart when the dispossessed isn't given the required true serenity to grieve the withdrew by quack clinical specialists whose solitary analysis and professions are chauffeured on a flimsy chariot of talk mongering and character death. 

Who a doctor can guarantee it gladly that his training does spare the bound to kick the bucket? 

The previous first family, just as admirers of President Rawlings, are experiencing torments. Right now is an ideal opportunity they need our supplications and sympathies, not an opportunity to go about as pathologists who professes to know everything, except undoubtedly realizes just what makes torments the all around tormented. 

Charitable God, keep us still under the Grace and favor the delicate soul of Chairman Rawlings. 

Passage thee well warrior, comrade Rawlings!!!!

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