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Dear Mr Special Prosecutor - NPP's PK Sarpong Writes An Open Letter To Kissi Agyebeng

Popular writer for the ruling NPP PK Sarpong has written to the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng in an open letter. This comes after the revealations made by the Special Prosecutor that a council of State member and the Commissioner for Customs are involved in a corruption scandal.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Thursday, 11th August 2022, he wrote;

Dear Mr. Special Prosecutor,

It is heartwarming to see your efforts are raking some dividends into the national coffers, and for that, we commend you. Notwithstanding this, if you refrain from passing judgments or declaring people guilty when you have no such powers to do so because you are not a court of law, you’d be celebrated from far and near.

The above isn’t the focus of my piece. I have some concerns which need addressing by your outfit. There appears to be this unctuous desire on your part to be selective in your work."

Your predecessor bequeathed quite a number of cases into your hands when he left. In fact, many cases were and are still on your table, thanks to Martin Amidu. Why have you refused to deal with them as well? PK Sarpong quizzed.

He said that the SP cannot tell us that you’re oblivious of the double salaries saga. Why have you gone stone silent on them? Or those involved are specialized group of people who are above the laws of the land? Be fair in your work, please.

"Sir, the noxious Airbus scandal involving Mr. Mahama and his brothers has been marooned by your office despite the fact that your predecessor did a yeoman’s job on it.

Do we take it that the Airbus saga would not add anything to the popularity crusade you seem to be waging for yourself? Your admirers would not be happy if you pursue opposition elements hence, your decision to ignore it like a plague." He added

Since you have resolved to help this country in this way, don’t forget that the double salaries as well as John Mahama’s Airbus saga will also bring in millions of cedis into the national purse.

Selectivity is denting the good works you have embarked upon. Get on with the double salaries and the Airbus matter as well, for they also fall within your jurisdiction as the Special Prosecutor.

We would continue to see you as populist if you continue looking in one direction but don’t tentacle your wings across the divide.

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