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Massive Reactions As Parliament Approves 2022 Budget Statement Without Minority

The drama in parliament today was very big as parliament over rules against its decision on Friday. Parliament approving the 2022 budget statement shocked the entire nation and people have reacted massively to the news trending across the country.

Some people are saying that what is happening in parliament is funny and the behaviors of parliamentarians indicates that they have planned on how to approve the budget.

Some people stated that how can Parliament reject a budget statement without the majority and today Parliament has approved the same budget statement without the minority?

"I said it the day the budget was rejected and the drama around it that this politicians are just playing with our mind. What could have stopped the minority from going to Parliament today? All these were well planned from both sides. All of a sudden the speaker had to travel and minority had to stay back because they promised to reject the budget which deep down their hearts they are not ready to do. Only few citizens will understand these games" someone stated when TV 3 Ghana disclosed the news to them.

Some people expressed that they voted for the NPP government to solve their problems but now the government is rather the problem to be solved and asked that what irony is this?

"These people don't think of the less privileged. God has blessed with many natural resources but we weren't able to utilize it to develop the country. Now we wanted to tax Momo. Hmmmmm. There will come a time all these shall be over. You can do whatever you like because we are in man's day but GOD'S DAYS awaits us all" another Ghanaian stated.

"Next time when voting one would have to consider a lot of factors before putting that thumb to the ballot paper! Now everyone will equally suffer except for the privileged few and those who are skilled at survival by any foul means! Sorry" another Ghanaian advised.

See how people reacted massively to the news trending below.

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