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Let’s write history: Sammy Gyamfi tells incumbent government and Ghanaians

Sammy Gyamfi has spoken very well, this time, it’s not all about chastising the incumbent government but also stating his opinions and incredible ideas.

The reason why Ghanaians or Africans are suffering in general is because of how we treat ourselves. And even though political parties have different opinions but same people, we turn to forget what matters.

Ghana has suffered a lot and it is high time we come together to show ourselves what we are worth as Ghanaians.

People are politicizing every event and for Sammy Gyamfi there should be awareness and safety aside these political issues.

The current explosions at the Bogoso premises send a warning to government and all other Ghanaians.

This is the time that most of these transporters of explosives and the extraction of many other mines be strongly taken a look at.

He claims these transporters of the ear explosives themselves are not in the best condition or state to do so because most of them are not done in the most legal ways.

People are cracking stones at places close to houses and where people work etc. These practices have been known to weaken and cause damage to the foundations of building but it seems government is giving a blind eye to such issues.

Let’s write history but let’s make sure we are writing history in the good books, Sammy Gyamfi told government.

He has also revealed that it will take victims who lost properties years to recover and he sends his condolences to the victims and all those who lost their relatives or properties.

Today was another day of excavation and retrieval of bodies and the whole world is in shock of this horrifying incident.

Sammh Gyamfi claims there has never been an occurrence like this in the country and from the way the driver who narrated the story spoke, a lot needs to be done about these explosives by the security agencies.

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