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Jubilation time for Ghanaian's concerning covid-19 vaccines (opinion)

Covid-19 which seems to be the back borne of Ghana's suffocating economy, is going to be over. This is also as a result of the presence of covid-19 vaccines in the country. Ghanaian's need to start a Jubilation and take the vaccine injection's this is because despite the suspension of vaccination in Germany and italy, Ghana hasn't confirmed any cases of blood clot and deaths as they have. This is to tell us that for Africans the vaccines are safe for us, according to the Ghana Health Service thousands of Ghanaian's have received the vaccines. And known of them have complained about the fact that, they are weak, deaths or even clotting of blood happening to Germans and Italians.

The vaccine is safe for us all, so we are encouraging Ghanaian's to go and take the vaccination. This would help Ghana's dying economy, the country needs a rewind in everything. The President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo being such a great leader took upon himself to take the first vaccine injection. But some men of God are preaching against it, in my personal experience taking the vaccine is safe. This is because am among the first batch who took the vaccine injection, it's been some weeks now and still strong with no side effects. So we encourage Ghanaian's to take upon them to seek the vaccine injection.

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