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Ghanaians Angry, Reacts As NDC Com Officer, Sammy Gymafi Played Politics With Late Gorge Floyd

National Democratic Congress Communication officer, Sammy Gymafi has annoyed Ghanaians while trying to score cheap political points.

Sammy posted a cartoon where voters (Ghanaians) were held on the floor by Electoral Commission of Ghana, with the voters saying " I can't breathe " , he created a similar situation on how George Floyd was murdered in order to score a political point in the up coming general election.

Ghanaians are reacting with aggression on the post.

Here are people's reactions on Sammy Gymafi's post. Esi E. Anash replied:

Absolutely despicable! Using this tragedy to score dirty political points. Your lack of appreciation of the gravity of Floyd's murder is unbelievably insensitive. Please find another meme and drop this irresponsible one. Ah..smh. Jabs Wrote Politics be another deadly pandemic Chale 😔 King of Accra Wrote

Making mockery of racism. Opresii wrote: We're dealing with 2 pandemics in Ghana right now... Covid19 and Sammy Gyamfi. 🤦🏾‍♀️💔. Kelewele Joint wrote:

Sammy Gyamfi has made a mess of himself and NDC as a political party He should delete the thing and apologize not only to Ghanaians but the whole world for using a hashtag meant to bring justice and stop racism to mock and do petty politics. Such a shame!

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