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Reasons Why Nana Addo Must Not Be Used as The Sacrificial Lamb for Ghana's Problems (Opinion)

It is natural for citizens to demand a better standard of living from any government of the day. This is so because the is a social contract between a government and its citizens. In this agreement, the populace concedes some resources to the state in the form of taxes, the government in turn is obligated to provide necessities such as water, roads, hospital, and what have you.

It is rather unfortunate many Ghanaian governments falter in their obligation under this contract. The rippling effects of the shrinking of duties by successful governments are the economic, educational, structural, and infrastructural challenges the nation is bedeviled with.

The citizens are getting fed up with the low standard of living in the country and have started agitating for better performance from the government. This has led to the emergence of a movement like fixthecountry.

This group which was formed via social media, after lengthy legal battles with the Ghana Police Service, organized their much-anticipated demonstration on Wednesday 4th August to press home their demands for good government in the country. 

Fast forward the President of the land traveled to Germany for a diplomatic assignment only for him to be greeted by Ghanaians who "humiliated" him to fix the country. The question is, is Nana Addo responsible for all Ghana's problems? The answer is obviously no. Yes, it is natural for Ghanaians to demand good governance from the president, but to make it seem he is responsible for the entire problems the country suffers from is unfortunate. 

He may not be the best president, no one will deny that he has played his part in the development of the country, and neither he, John Dramani Mahama, nor any single president should be blamed for Ghana's problems.

The real cause of the challenges is our attitudes that include those in authority as well. We must ensure our institutions work and help in our small ways by respecting the laws of the land, being patriotic, and seeing things from national points of view rather than shifting the entire blame on Nana Addo.

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