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Dumsor returns: An interesting twist for NPP.

Dumsor, which in Akan means "off-on," has become a household name in Ghana because of the country's frequent and erratic power outages. Since independence, the country has faced a number of power outages.

The economic effect of Dumsor has been major. Due to this lack of reliable electricity, nearly half of the country's small-scale factories lose several hours each month, while the rest rely on expensive generators.

Overall, outages lowered GDP by an estimated 2% in 2014, and were related to an increase in job losses in 2015.

Ghana has aggressively increased installed generation capacity since the 2012 crisis started, nearly doubling peak electricity demand.

Dumsor has passed, as demonstrated by sufficient installed capacity to meet peak demand. The Ghana National Gas Company's local gas output has also reduced reliance on sporadic supplies from Nigeria through the West Africa Gas Pipeline.

Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) has received approval from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to implement a power rationing schedule in certain parts of the country so that it can operate on its machines.

According to the ECG, this will primarily impact parts of the Volta and Oti regions. The move will allow GRIDCo to repair transformers that supply both regions, according to the company.

This follows widespread speculation among Ghanaians about a possible return to the days of intermittent electricity supply, dubbed dumsor" by locals.

I strongly believe there is a serious problem that needs to be looked at by the government. Electricity in our country is what most businesses use to thrive and at the end of the month pay the required tax to the government for development.

Here is the case there rampant power cuts. What even bothers me is the heat with the mosquitoes singing in your ears.

We urge the NPP government to see this problem fixed as per their manifesto promise that they will end dumsor when they come into power.

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