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Doumbouya 'Under Fire' :Another Massive Nationwide Strike To Oust Him Loading;Fearless Group Warns

It seems the pressure mounted on the interim head of the transition to relinquish power is intensifying by the day and one would wonder how the soldier would react o the tension building up in the country.

Upon all the confrontations between the security agencies and protestors which have resulted in multiple casualties, one would have presumed things will calm down.

On the contrary, the organizers of the demonstrations; the national front for the defense of the Constitution are not ready to bite the dust have strengthened their grounds by announcing that another demonstration will be coming on. It is slated for Wednesday the 17th of August 2022.

Key members of the organization who are fearless have been apprehended and put in cells but they are not cowed by the security forces who mostly unleashed brutal force on them.They are bent on seeing the soldier ousted from power.

Doumbouya is not ready to hand over power for now until his mission and visions for staging the coup materialized. His special forces are always by his side as they have stuck with him through thick and thin. They decided to oust Alpha Conde from power due to certain issues and currently, some elements of the people are dissatisfied with them.

As usual, promises are made to ensure the whole exercise is peaceful. Eventually, the demonstrations turn bloody and fierce clashes were always reported. 

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