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Tsatsu Tsikata Convinces Supreme Court To Accept Interrogatories In Dramatic Function.

This was how Tsatsu Tsikata shited the Supreme Court into agreement with his answers and questions on why the interrogatories should

In court today, the 28th of January 2021 the supreme court gave two reasons for rejecting the application for interrogatories.

The court argued that CI 99 makes Order 22 of CI 47 (on interrogatories) inapplicable and that the questions in the interrogatories were ALL irrelevant. 

However, Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata tackled the first ground and argued that there’s nothing in CI 99 which repeals Order 22 of CI 47 (on interrogatories) or makes it inapplicable. 

The Court then saw the sense in that argument and changed positions to rely on the second ground that they dismissed the application on the ground that the questions were all irrelevant.

Again, Tsatsu crossed examined them there too and reiterated the questions in the interrogatories to show how relevant they are to the case. 

The judges were convinced there too and now quickly sought to say that Tsatsu could ask the questions during cross-examination. 

Then Tsatsu crossed examined them again with what appears to be the climax of the day - “my Lords, if the questions are not relevant in the interrogatories, how can they be relevant during cross-examination? 

It was then that the Court now identified that he was crossing the bridge (of cross-examination) when the time has not yet come. To this Tsatsu Tsikata replied so elegantly that “I didn’t put the bridge there, you did.”

In all, the court was such a wonderful spectacle.

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