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Man Took Picture Of His Vote And Post It On Social Media.

Aside the law against taking pictures of who you are Voting for. Some security personnel are breaking the law to take pictures of their vote and post them on social media.

He was seen happily voting for president Akuffo Addo in a videos. A security man who is to set an example for others to follow, is the same person breaking the law. So how can you arrest some one doing the same.

More than 100000 frontline workers of the election are expected to vote today in the special voting exercise because their services will be needed on 7th December. So far voting have been peaceful.

These early voters consist of personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces, National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), National Security, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, and Information Services Department.

Voting started at 6am this morning and expected to close at 5pm, any person who comes after 5pm will be allowed to vote.

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