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Ghanaian's, if asked to vote for the legalization of Homosexuality what would be your opinion?

Homosexuality as we all know is nothing new to us at all, in most of our educational institutions this act has been recorded so many times. These types of people do live in our societies, most of us know them by faces, but because of our culture and beliefs these people have been in hiding with know one to support them to bring them out. This is an act of the devil, and God shall punish anyone caught in such acts. According to the Bible, there was a country which practiced such acts and was destroyed by fire, leaving no traces but only the few were saved. The saved ones are those who resided by the word of God.

It is currently left to us to decide on these behavior of our brother's and sister's who have been mislead by the devil to do his will. For now they are in shadows wanting to get out, but it seems that looking at how our constitution is structured these people may one day have their will. So as a Ghanaian's, if asked to vote for the legalization of Homosexuality according to the human rights act, what would be your opinion on this matter. As a Ghanaian sharing my view on this issue, I would not vote of tolerate such acts but my view is not enough we all could end this if we kick it out together. Not all rules are meant to be followed, the constitution which they are using as hope could be changed because it is human written and flexible.

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Ghanaian Homosexuality


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