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Who ordered the Wa Flogging

Over the past week, Wa has been the center of most social media shares following the viral video of a lady and a man tied to a pole and flogged for their sextape.

Many have condemned the act but as to who specifically gave out the order to do so, is still a bouncing ball. With some representatives of the Wa Naa claiming the King wasn't around, others claim the order was obtained from the Wa Naa (indirectly or directly). With most elders staying close to the Palace, it is a impossible to say none in authority was got hold of the event which lasted for a while and couldn't prevent it.

The most disturbing issue is the military stationed at the Palace watched on as this event happened and personally I feel the act was ordained by someone in authority because going back to previous years, the military stationed have been asked to met similar acts by the Palace.

No one supports the leaking of recordings of sexual activities but where the deemed remedy goes over board then it becomes a worry especially when these persons would not only go through emotional and psychological pains but physical pains which the guy is reported to have injured his eye.

So the question remains, who specifically ordered the Flogging and what is the current state of the victims?

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