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6 Dangerous Meanings of Former President John Mahama’s “Do or Die” Comment.

The former President of the Republic of Ghana- John Dramani Mahama has declared that he has come to the conviction that the 2020 election was rigged by the ruling New Patriotic Party. Although he didn’t agree with the Supreme Court verdict and the Electoral Commission’s declaration, he only tolerated the results because he saw the lessons in them. However, the subsequent election, which is the 2024 election must be a “Do or Die.”

Since his statement touched the ground, there have been many people criticizing the former president for such a reckless statement. The former President was quick to add that his comment isn’t as dangerous as the incumbent President’s “All Die be Die” comment some years ago. Whiles political commentators may try to read defensive or exaggerative meanings (depending on where they stand) from the local cliché, here is what it genuinely mean:

1. A situation in which you must take a big risk in order to avoid failure

2. Requiring supreme effort to avoid the dire consequences of failure

3. To try to achieve a goal or fail to make the effort

4. Involving a determined and sometimes reckless effort to succeed

5. Reflecting or characterized by an irrevocable decision to succeed at all costs

6. A situation that is extremely important, and failure would result in a big problem

From the above meanings, there are common keywords that run through the entire meaning. Those words are: succeed, failure, risky and extremely important. I ask this simple question, why should others go through all this to allow you to serve the nation? I mean the above-enumerated points are tantamount to someone who is desperate for something and without the thing, his survival is meaningless or there is a risk he might face.

This is what makes the former President’s statement dire in form and distasteful in nature. In this world, we know in every election, you either lose or win, therefore, why should others take the big risks (assault or death) to bring success to you. It reminds me of Laurent Gbagbo’s incessant disregard for the 2010 election in Ivory Coast. Although he lose to Ouattara, he insisted he had 51%, making him the President. The AU, ECOWAS and International Organisations declared Ouattara victorious with 54% but he would accept it. This misunderstanding led the country to mayhem and 3000 people died. This is a true manifestation of “Do or Die.”

Gbagbo’s action was characterized by an irrevocable decision to succeed at all costs and it ended him at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Ghana doesn’t need this. President Akuffo-Addo said the same thing, he was criticized and he apologized, the former President must also do the needful to halt the members of his party from taking actions that may appear to be a “Do or Die” affair.



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