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Not all politicians are the same so do not put us in one box; some of us are dogs and others are cats

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The issue of the Achimota Forest declassification has taken another turn as Dzifa Bampoe delved deeper into the 'why' and 'how' such an action was taken by the President. Many viewers sent in their thoughts and the displeasure of the good people of Ghana was made explicit during the discussions by environmental lawyers and civil society organisations.

The NPP Member of Parliament Honourable Appiah Kubi added some spices on the show by providing objective contributions .

He advised that the good people of Ghana should move beyond just advocating for forest conservation to planting or growing more forests . Secondly, he requested that Ghana should learn from Brazil where Cocoa and Coffee was part of the afforestation project. The NPP Member of Parliament mentioned that the aspect of Achimota Forest Enclave declassified was only peripheral. All the experts on the show did not agree with him on that considering the ecological or environmental advantage of forests .

During the show the representative of the CSOs expressed worry about the fact that government spent huge sums to plan trees and still contradicted itself by giving 241 acres of forest lands to the Owoo family who were already given 119.5acres during the tenure of John Mahama. Viewers sent in various messages requesting for the reversal of government action. Dzifa Bampoe read the messages and saw the displeasure of the NPP Member of Parliament. She then asked him why politicians are not ready to listen to diverse views . She asked why they preach for expression of views but they do not welcome these opinions . Dzifa Bampoe stated that she does not know why all politicians are the same .

Before Dzifa Bampoe, could finish her admonishment , Honourable Appiah Kubi debunked her comment that all politicians are not the same . He said ,"Not all politicians are the same so do not put us in one box;some of us are dogs and others are cats''. He recounted how he has remained objective and receptive towards divergent views .

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