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Ghanaians Take Note: This Is What Will Happen In Accra And 5 Other Regions - GMet Confirms

Amidst the deadly coronavirus that the country is still battling with, another sad news has been confirmed by Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) about what will happen in Accra and 5 other regions. According to the sad reports by Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet), it was affirmed that Accra, Eastern, Volta, Central, Western and the Ashanti Regions will experience a heavy to moderate rainstorms.

Ghanaians on social media have massively reacted to the reports and announcement made by the agency. However, they made it known that heavy to moderate rainstorms are also expected to affect parts of the Eastern, Volta, Central, Western and the Ashanti Regions.

We all know that we are fast approaching rainy season and this kind sad happenings is quite rampant in the Accra region most especially, but these other 5 regions that has been included is another major concern for Ghanaians.

So therefore, Ghanaians should take note of this vital information and prepare ahead of it so that it will not meet people of these regions unaware.

What can you say about this kind of information released by the GMet?, do you think it will happen in these regions?. Share your opinions.

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