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Everyone Agrees With Me That Fanteakwa South Is Far Lagging Behind In Terms Of Development - Dr Gyan

An independent parliamentary candidate in the 2020 general election in the Fanteakwa South constituency in the eastern region, Dr Stephen Ayisi Gyan popularly known as Show Boy has waded into the development of the constituency.

According to the outspoken constituent, the constituency is lagging in development even as the constituency is committed to voting for the NPP in general elections.

Dr Stephen Ayisi Gyan made these pronouncement in a one-on-one studio interview with Obido on Radio 1, a media establishment in the eastern region.

He stressed that they have been denied of development and that any objective citizen will bear with him that the constituency is not seeing any improvement in development.

"Our constituency has been hugely denied of development. Every objective citizen will admit that Fanteakwa south is a stronghold of the NPP but we can't boast of development in Fanteakwa south. Fanteakwa South is underdeveloped. If not the most vulnerable, then it is the second most underdeveloped constituency in Ghana" - Dr Gyan said.

Dr Gyan was second in the 2020 parliamentary elections in Fanteakwa south but as to whether he would contest again in 2024, he has not made it clear.

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