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Mixed Reaction As Speaker Alban Bagbin Drops Old Costume For Local Wear

Alban Bagbin abandons Speaker's costume for the new outfit but that has caught the attention of the whole of Ghana with varied comments and suggestions on his new look.

As sitting resumed for the normal deliberations and debate on matters in the country, what has caught the attention of Ghanaians is not entirely the E-Levy, but the outfit that clad the Speaker of Parliament.

Judging from comments that have been uttered out so far, Ghanaians seem to be proud of the new initiative by the speaker of Parliament Right Honorable Alban Bagbin.

Many believe this initiative should be introduced and inducted into parliament, where parliamentarians will only be allowed to clad their native cultural attire, one that reflects and promotes his/her constituency respectively.

Below are collated comments from Facebook.

•He's proudly changing the neo-colonialist mindset that parliamentarians have housed for a long while since the 1st sitting of parliamentarians after the military junta.

•He's a lion-born and the very Rt venerable Hon speaker Alban Bagbin, one that has had the country at heart.

• Firmly seated and stirring the affairs of Ghana with a man proud of his own not otherwise

• First-time speaker of parliament Rt Hon, A S K Bagbin, is stirring business in the august house clad in our traditional attire.

•Mr. Speaker is on a mission to rebrand Parliament as an independent Institution of govt. We must support him. 

•MPs must wear local attires to work to help boost the local/traditional textile industry and create employment. Nigeria’s Senate is a typical example, not every time wearing Suit & Tie. Well done, Alban Bagbin.

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