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Should Government listen to the cry of this Ghanaian Lady and leave these Chinese Illegal Miners?

Should Government listen to the cry of this Ghanaian Lady and leave these Chinese Illegal Miners Alone? 

"Deporting my husband shall be my end" This is the cry of a Ghanaian Lady married to a Chinese Galamseyer. 

Recently on Joy news, there was a report of four Chinese Galamseyers in the country whom according to a court order were to be deported to their home country.

These four Chinese were not only illegal miners but also illegal immigrants who have clearly flouted the immigration laws of Ghana. 

Citing specifically, the four Chinese illegal miners were found guilty of the country's patent section 23(1) and 35 (1) (D) of the immigration Act 2000 act 573. 

Now, this is the plight of the lady. A 27 year old Rebecca Oforiwaa, married to one of the accused Chinese Illegal miners since 2018, wailed as she pleaded for leniency for her Chinese husband. After the court proceedings, she appeared at the court premises with three kids including a four day old baby. 

From the woman's outburst, it could be deduced that, she practically depends on this man for her up keep and that of the kids. At the height of Rebecca's problems is the fact that, she just put to birth making it difficult for her to do anything in the interim to support herself and kids. 

Filled with sorrow, the four day old mother cried bitterly calling on the President and Ghanaians to intervene for so that the husband would not be deported. 

When asked about her extended family, she disclosed that her mother is late and her father did not take responsibility for her even when she was a baby. 

Practically, this is not an isolated case, there are many other women who have similar stories. 

These Chinese Illegal Miners are not only destroying our lands and water bodies but are also leaving behind children who may become a burden to society. 

The fight against Galamsey in our country has heightened over the past few months. From all angles, the government of Ghana is much dedicated to the fight against Galamsey or illegal mining operations in Ghana than any individual interest. 

Even though some section of Ghanaians believe the strategy being used now is not innovative enough - that's the burning of excavators used in the illegal mining sites. 

With "Operation Halt" in focus, the government seeks to take the bull by its horn in its quest to halt illegal mining activities in the country.

It is inarguable that, the effect of galamsey activities on our natural resources such as farm lands, water bodies and our green forest is devastating.

We as citizens need to join forces with the President to fight the Galamsey menace to secure the future of our nation for the future generations.

Due to Galamsey or illegal mining operations, most of our farm lands have lost its vital soil nutrients. Our water bodies are also contaminated or polluted. Water contamination from mining activities usually results from the discharge of effluents, (liquid waste or sewage discharged into river or other water bodies) which contains toxic chemicals such as Lead (pb), Cadmium (cd), Copper (cu), Mercury (Hg), Iron (Fe), and Zinc (Zn) used in the processing of mineral ores. These findings are according to Nemerous Pollution Index.

These chemicals together may result in effluent with high acid levels which can either seep into underground water or flow into the environment (surface water bodies) posing danger to the nearby communities, especially those who depend on such water bodies for drinking and other domestic purposes.

Another major concern that the activities of these illegal mining have is the destruction of our Ecosystem.

Now what is Ecosystem and how important is it to humans?

According to, an ecosystem includes all living things (plants, animals, and organisms) in a given community, interacting with each other and also with non - living environment (weather, earth, sun, climate, atmosphere)

Know that Ecosystems are the foundation of the Biosphere and they determine the health of the entire earth system.

According to Water Resources Commission, research conducted on the 13th of May 2017, 60% of Ghana's water bodies are polluted. 

With all these analysis in perspective, it is extremely important and necessary for the Government of Ghana to stand on it toes and ensured this life threatening menace called Galamsey or illegal mining is quashed out of the country without fear or favor. 

So not limited to this scenario only, Ghanaian ladies must be careful when accepting a marriage proposal from foreigners. As long as you are married to a person, it should be easy to access the person at anytime even if the person is not from our part of the continent.

They should not be blinded by love or the monies that is lavished on them. But rather do the necessary background checks to determine if, these suitors have the necessary immigration documents or requirements to avoid some of these unfortunate and uncomfortable situations. 

Content created and supplied by: AJArthurOpare (via Opera News )


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