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The impact of Fixthecountry demo on the NNP government

Young people constitute the biggest proportion of the Ghana's population, and are the most affected demographic group in any country’s socio-economic and political developments. By 2019, almost 60% of Ghana's population was estimated to be under the age of 25 years, making Ghana the world’s youngest country.1 According to United Nations (UN) demographic projections, the median age in Ghana in 2020 is 19.8 years.2 Almost 16 million young Ghanians – around 13.4% of the total labour force of 15–24-year-olds – are unemployed, more than 40% of young Ghanians consider their current living situation to be very bad or fairly bad, and 60% of Ghanaian (especially youth) think that their governments are doing a very bad or fairly bad job at addressing the needs of young people.3 Young people are not represented well and are marginalised and excluded from development processes in Ghana .This pushes them to participate in demonstrations as they try to change political systems that are perceived to be incompetent and responsible for the daily suffering of people. These demonstrations have challenged institutions of power, but their influence has failed to go beyond post-protest governments and development. 

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