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Nana Akufo Addo too hit by this ‘disease’?

Ghana’s 4th Republic is quite an interesting dispensation. It has its own uniqueness much as all protagonists who have headed various regimes under the order, have also exhibited traits, so synonymous with each other, especially, during their 2nd term tenures.

As per the interpretation of the 4th Republican constitution, every President has a mandate to run for office for a two-term office of eight years. All previous administrations have gone the full eight-year haul, although not smooth sailing as if, going through an uninterrupted 8-year office mandate.

After a first 4-year term, every sitting President is legally obliged to seek from the electorates, a second four year-term. So far, Jerry John Rawlings, John Agyekum Kufuor all scaled the 1st four-year term to assume the 2nd term, with John Mills and John Mahama sharing the two terms between them.

This was necessitated by the sudden demise of John Mills in 2012, paving the way for his Vice—John Mahama to complete Mills’ 1st term from July 12th, 2012 to 6th January, 2013. Mahama eventually handed over power to himself on 7th January 2013 to continue and complete with what many considered as the likely 2nd term of John Mills.

Nana Akufo Addo, the current President is also cruising to finish his 2nd year term barring any unforeseen circumstances. As if it’s a curse, Nana has also started showing similar characteristics that bugged all of the 2nd term office of our previous Presidents and eventually cost their parties a possible three year-term of 12 years.

Jerry John Rawlings (7th January, 1993—6th January 2001)

Rawlings became the head of the first administration of the 4th Republic, ruling from January 7th, 1993 to 6th January 2001. That was after he had won the 1992 elections as a retired military leader who headed the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) junta from December 31st, 1981 to January 6th, 1993.

The former military leader started off with the 2nd term bug curse. After winning the 2004 elections to begin his 2nd term administration, Rawlings was seen as more of a benevolent dictator rather than a constitutionally elected President.

He decided to choose his own successor; thus breaching his party’s democratic process of choosing a presidential candidate. Rawlings made it clear at one of the NDC’s political rallies that Prof. Mills, his Vice President was his choice and presto, Prof Mills became the ruling party’s presidential nominee.

It became a caveat that none within the party dared questioning. And although there was a major silence murmuring to the Rawlings’ order, it took some of the younger folks within the NDC, led by Augustus Obuadum Tanoh (Goosie) to bring to the open, the telling effects of Rawlings’ unilateral decision.

Goosie and his group eventually seceded from the NDC to organize a movement which later metamorphosed into the Reform Party that contested the 2000 election as a splinter independent group from the NDC. Many political connoisseurs believe it was Goosie’s bold stance that resulted in the defeat of the NDC in the 2000 elections.

John Agyekum Kufuor (January 7th, 2021— January 6th, 2009)

Then came the John Agyekum Kufuor’s era. Kufuor also attempted to alter the succession plan of the NPP, albeit differently from Rawlings’ open endorsement of John Mills. It was clear that then President Kufuor, supported the candidature of his Trade Minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen.

Kufuor’s silent support for Alan created serious cracks in the NPP. There emerged as many as 17 presidential aspirants who competed for the NPP’s presidential nomination in 2008. It created lots of factional blocs within the NPP. It’s the belief of many political commentators that these blocs were deliberately created to torpedo the chances of Alan in the NPP presidential selection.

When the party’s presidential primary failed to produce a winnable candidate with the required more than 50 percent vote counts, all other presidential candidates bar, Alan Kyerematen were prepared to throw their weight behind Nana Addo, until Alan prevailed and threw in the towel.

That notwithstanding, the harm had already been caused. The divisions that were created during the internal primary haunted the NPP deep into the 2008 elections and eventually lost power to the NDC under John Mills in 2009.

John Atta Mills & John Mahama (January 7th 2009— January 6th, 2017)

Atta Mills’ second-term was operationalized and run by John Dramani Mahama. Just like Rawlings and Kufuor, John Mahama was also hit by the 2nd term disease or curse. He took things for granted and assumed a demi-god status.

He told Ghanaians he was cast in the frame of a “dead goat”, meaning he couldn’t be bothered by what others say about him no matter how such criticisms were genuine and constructive. It was such mindset that carried him away to release some three NDC communication team members who were imprisoned on charges of contempt.

He used his executive powers to release these communicators in what has become the executive pardon of the Muntie 3. President Mahama also went round insinuating he would not condescend to any contrary views, especially those coming from the opposition at the time.

He evolved with innuendoes using Daddy Lumba’s hit song “Yen tie Obia”, literally meaning, “we won’t listen to anyone”. In the end, he paid dearly for what to many was a growing arrogance on the part of the sitting President.

Nana Akufo Addo (7th, January 2017 and still running a 2nd term)

Need not someone remind Nana Addo of how his predecessors suffered with their belligerent postures and dispositions that eventually affected the chances of their political parties in preceding elections? Is it that he, like the others, does not care because he has achieved his political aim?

The President, this week showed utter disrespect to the Overlord of the Ketu Traditional area, Togbe Fitih, telling him to go fix an E-Bloc school building that is left rotting in the bushes, if he felt so strongly about the state of the building.

Although he has retracted, many are at a shock why the President would deliberately deny that he ever promised the people Cape Coast, a fishing harbour. At an international conference in Accra just before the 2020 election, the President was seen ignoring or refusing a hand-shake with his predecessor, John Mahama.

That act was captured on video that went viral. It does seem the 2nd term disease, for now, has no cure. Is the NPP likely to pay the price like it happened to them in the 2008 elections. Time is the only appropriate indicator in such circumstance.   

Content created and supplied by: RKeelson (via Opera News )

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