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10 Best Proverbs Of President Laurent Gbagbo

President Laurent Gbagbo is recognized for his various proverbs during his speeches. We have selected 10 of his proverbs for you.

President Laurent Gbagbo, born May 31, 1945 in Gagnoa, is an Ivorian historian, writer and statesman. He was President of the Republic of Ivory coast until April 11, 2011. Incarcerated at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in the Netherlands, he was acquitted by the judges of first instance in January 2019.

1. You don't need to have a diploma to become someone.

2. I wanted to be President to show that a poor man can come to power.

3. You can't say about me that he died in fear. With us, you can't say that about a man; of a boy. Where a boy dies, there are always traces of a struggle to build posterity. When, in the place of a fight, the trees have fallen, the grasses are loose and the ground is strewn with leaves, one says: here died a boy.

4. I will not allow myself to be dishonored and i will not allow the people who elected me to be dishonoured, never!

5. I will be happy if after my death, this sentence was on my grave: this man worked for his country and for Africa.

6. It is not in front of the guns that Gbagbo will flee. It is not in front of the guns that Gbagbo will give up. No, no and no! I will not let my Nation dissolve. I will not sell my country, i will always face adversity.

7. Intellectuals and politicians have in common the desire to understand the world in order to transform it. But it is above all the first, that is to say the intellectuals, who have the means of understanding. The paradox is that the one who understands is guided by the one who needs to understand. We must therefore put thought in its place and make action the servant of one's thought.

8. A new Africa is coming, because more people think what i think today than yesterday.

9. If we send you, you must know how to send you.

10. We have great battles to wage, and the great fights that we have to wage are not to take revenge on people. It is to be men, too, like the others. This is called dignity. When someone passes, we must know that it is a man who passes. That's all we want, that's all we're looking for. We are not trying to dominate those who dominated us yesterday; to avenge us; no. But they want to be recognized that we are men, just like everyone else. When you pass, we must say: here is a man passing.

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