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GAME OVER: Joe Biden Finally Wins The Us Election.

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Now the wait is over, after four days of intensive voting Joe Biden of the Democrat party, has finally emerged victorious.

Donald Trump has finally lost the election, he will definitely definitely be stepping down for the president elect.

Joe Biden pulled a massive votes which is up to the target 270, hence making him a winner.

Donald Trump in the other hand, has also pulled a small percentage of 214 which is far below the 270 target.

This is indeed a very good news to many Citizens of America, who needed change badly.

Part of the reasons why Trump loss the election is high level of corruption, unfriendly utterances and so on.

The new elected president, will be expected to fight unemployment, corruption, covid 19 and so on.

He is expected to assume the high Office as president in January 2021, after Trump has successfully hand over.

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