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Ghana at 64 : CPP, PPP regret absence of progress

Scarcely 24 hours after Ghana denoted its 64th Autonomy Commemoration with a virtual procession at the administration, some ideological groups are regretting the helpless condition of the once lucky star of Africa. 

The Show Public's Gathering (CPP), the gathering which advocated Ghana's freedom in 1957, mourns what it depicts as the absolute breaking of the actual establishment of financial autonomy laid by Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah.

In an explanation endorsed by Gathering General Secretary, Nana Yaa Akyempim Jantuah, the CPP denounced the neo-liberal market strategies it says are liable for the nation's incapacitated foundation, terrible social conveniences and helpless sterilization.

"64 Years down the line in what state do we discover our country Ghana, subsequent to being battered by a horde of overthrows what began in 1966, the actual establishment of financial freedom which was laid by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah under the CPP has been completely broken through the execution of Neo-liberal Market approaches."

"Today we discover the shortfall of good instructive offices and frameworks, absence of good medical services frameworks, insufficient fundamental conveniences like power and water, disinfection in our nation today, is a sorry state where trash and foulness are littered everywhere."

The Reformist Public's Gathering (PPP), along these lines, depicts as melancholy the festival of Ghana's autonomy.

An assertion endorsed by Gathering Public Executive, Nana Ofori Owusu says the country's guarantee at autonomy stays a figment as many keep on lacking essential conveniences like water.

"Following 64 years of self-government, numerous youthful ones can't finish fundamental schooling, many don't approach clean running water are as yet subject to streams and waterways for running water, many actually need to react to nature's bring in the shrubberies and on the sea shores."

"It appears to be that even in its festival, we have received a technique in which we celebrate as an Expert/Worker abusive occasions," the assertion added.

"The President looks after its rush and everybody retires from to the Pioneer. The military, helpless understudies, workers and residents are compelled to experience the torment of marching for quite a long time under a singing sun."

The gathering in this way encouraged a reexamine of how freedom day is praised.

"With the COVID19 worldwide pandemic compelling the world to reconsider its standards and qualities, let us through striking Administration at the Leader, Legal and Authoritative parts of Government reexamine how we commend this important day such that will be carved in the core of each Ghanaian."

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