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John Mahama, I Won't relent until all the wrongs are made right

Mr Mahama following the declaration of the 2020 election petition verdict has voiced out his disappointment with the supreme Court and it's judges and also stated emphatically that he disagree with the verdict of the supreme Court.

Our forefathers who lost their lives to get us where we are now will be shaking in their graves as with let down our morals and standards as a country whose indepence and peaceful conductance and transition of leaders and the practice of democracy has been one of the most enviable democracy in the whole of West Africa.

The reputation the nation has gained pertaining her practice of democracy has been brought down to the lowest level possible by our greed to stay in power.

We have grown pass the stage where blood will have to be shed for a leader to emerge,a true Democratic country wouldn't turn a blind eye on all the irregularities and losses that occurred in this election under the waymtch of Akuffo Addo and his accomplice Jean Mensah.

With all the evidence gathered from 275 constituencies and with all the computational and mathematical evidence pointing to the fact that no candidate attained the constitutional requirement of a 50% plus 1 to win, the supreme Court and it's judges traded their constitutional mandate to please their employer.

I won't end it here,the Apex court of Ghana is not the only way to get justice.

This is the time we need to stand up and fight to protect our democracy and the peace we enjoy as a nation. Our grand children and future generations won't forgive us for accepting the results of a flawed,and for exchanging democracy for tyrani.

The souls of those who lost their lives protecting the ballot boxes won't forgive us for accepting flawed results.

It means pursuing this case to my breath to make Ghana my beloved country get back to the time where elections we're free, nonviolent , peaceful and fair, I will persue it.

If the EC chair person , Jean Mensah was as innocent and duty conscious as they claim she is, why prevented her from proving out evidence wrong in the witness box?

Why was there a need for the supreme Court give her an undue protection against her own words in a witness affidavit?

The country has turned to one in which anyone can temper with our electioneering processes and go free provided he or she has power over the military and the judiciary in his pocket.

I won't accept the results and the verdict today, I won't accept it tomorrow.

But the justice we require,the justice for the lost lives, the justice for the entire country must be given.

No one is above the law and the law should be applied equally to all.

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